Picture of someone taking Greenshank measurements during a catch

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We welcome your involvement in the Migration Story project and look forward to hearing from you with any reported sightings of Greenshank, shared experiences and information on the area where you live.


Email the Migration Story team at greenshankproject@googlemail.com.

Get in touch with Farlington Ringing Group to become involved in colour-ringing

There are many ways for you to get involved in the Migration Story project, whether it is through registering as an observer, submitting a sighting of a colour ringed Greenshank, telling us about the area where you live or sending us your creative work.

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Useful Reading

The Migration Atlas - Movements of the birds of Britain and Ireland. Edited by Chris Wernham, Mike Toms, John Marchant, Jacquie Clark, Gavin Siriwardena and Stephen Baillie. T & AD Poyser, 2002.

Shorebirds: An Illustrated Behavioural Ecology. By Bruno Ens, Jan van de Kam, Theunis Piersma and Leo Zwarts. KNNV Publishers, 2004.