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Another geolocator recovered

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Date: 13/09/2017
As we waited for a cannon-net catch on 9 September Greenshank G//R+BR came into the roost. We were particularly pleased about this, as it often roosts in inaccessible parts of the harbour. It was first ringed and tagged on 18 January 2014, so we are hoping for 3 seasons of information on where it goes in the summer, though we cannot be confident the batteries will have lasted. It winters locally, spending much of its feeding time off Langstone and Warblington, and being regularly observed there.

As well as this bird we retrapped another, and caught 10 new birds, all of which are now colour-ringed but not tagged. We also caught and colour-ringed 3 Redshanks.

We now have only one geolocator to get back. The bird in question does not winter in the harbour so we would particularly like to catch it before it leaves.

The image shows members of the team processing the birds.

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