Picture of a colour-ringed Greenshank in-hand

About Greenshank...

In this section you can find out more about these elegant and rare birds, how they live their lives, and where they can be found.

The Greenshank Tringa nebularia is a medium-sized slim wader with pale plumage, long grey-green legs and slightly upturned bill, which helps distinguish it from other wading birds. It calls regularly with a ringing "tew tew tew", and may be found alone, or in small groups.

Use the links to find out Greenshank facts, learn about their life cycle, and meet the birds from Chichester and Langstone harbours. Look at the Where are they? Section to find out where Greenshanks are found, both around the world, and in the UK. There is even a Creative Arts section for you to share your pictures, stories and poems about Greenshanks.