Picture of schoolchildren looking through binoculars


The Greenshank project aims to involve local birdwatchers and schools in developing a network amongst communities far and wide with an interest in the migration story of the Greenshank whilst providing an exciting teaching resource.

Find a range of activities and worksheets as well as curricular information.

Activities Curriculum Links

Learn about an animal in its habitat and how it adapts to changing seasons and fluctuating food supplies.

Follow an exciting voyage of discovery as ornithologists unravel the mysteries of the migration story.

The project ties in with National Curriculum objectives in many subjects - not just Science, Geography and IT, but also Art, English, Maths, Citizenship, Education for sustainable development. See Curriculum links for details and how to contact the Chichester Harbour education team .

Make links with other schools and learn about their environment too.

There are many activities and worksheets to download as well as the opportunity to contribute your own photographs, poems, stories and art work.