Picture of the view across Chichester Harbour

Where Are They?...

Greenshanks are found in Chichester and Langstone harbours, but where else are they? Where do they come from and where are they going?

Map of the Greenshank Migration Route, © Ens et al 2004 from Shorebirds: An illustrated Behavioural EcologyGreenshanks are a familiar migrant in Britain and Ireland, found during passage along coastal and inland waters in spring and autumn.

Greenshank breed in the Scottish Highlands, throughout Scandinavia, and across Siberia and further east. Several hundred birds spend the winter in south and western Britain and in Ireland.

The majority of the European Greenshank breeding populations winter further south through sub-Saharan Africa.

Birds from more eastern breeding population in Siberia winter in eastern Africa, southern Asia and even as far south as Australia.


Map of UK Distribution and key, © A & C Black Publishers 2002Please note that in southwest Britain Greenshanks only winter in coastal areas.