Picture of volunteers recording measurements


A large amount of data has already been collected about the colour-ringed Greenshanks of Chichester and Langstone Harbours.

Since the project began in 2004 we have received many sightings from the UK and abroad. The database has over 2,000 records. There is a spreadsheet below showing which birds have been seen in which years.

Download a summary of sightings of Greenshanks ringed in Chichester Harbour during this project

Excel document

We carried out radiotracking during the autumns of 2005-7. This gave us a great amount of detailed information about how individual birds use the harbour for feeding and roosting, and data on when birds left the harbour to continue their migration. Although the range at which the tags could be detected was only about 1km, the intricate nature of the intertidal topography meant that we were able to locate birds which we would never have seen. We also had an automatic logger which detected birds flying in and out of the roost site on Thorney Island, so we could collect much more data than if we had been relying on people patrolling with hand-held aerials.

Download a map of radiotracking results

Word Document (size: 400kb)

In March 2013 we embarked on a project using small geolocators attatched to one of the colour-rings on each bird. These devices record light levels over time, so it is possible to work out where the bird was. To do this the bird has to be recaught and the data analysed, so there are no results yet.