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Welcome to the Activities section. There are a wide variety of exercises and worksheets to download, and you can contribute your own photographs, poems, stories and artwork.

Enjoy a range of activities and worksheets aswell as curricular information.

All About Greenshanks Curriculum Links


Word Searches

Try one of the four word searches, two are general ones about Greenshanks; one easy and one more difficult. Migration is the topic for the third and Ringing is the fourth and most difficult one:

Colouring in and dot-to-dot

If you like drawing and colouring, we have:


There are two worksheets with maps:

Ring the Changes

One of the most important parts of the project is marking the birds with coloured rings so they can be identified. It sounds easy, but there are a few tricky problems; try the Ring the Changes worksheets.


Everyone likes a quiz see how many you can score on this one:

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We would love to have contributions from you for this site - draw us a picture or cartoon and send it in to us, to add to the Creative Arts section.

How about sending us your photographs, poems, stories, or accounts of birdwatching?

See if you can make a link with other schools or birdwatchers on the migration path - email us to make contact with other contributors.